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ADHD can bring with it some incredible strengths such as high levels of creativity and an ability to have intense moments of mental focus. However it can also bring with it challenges that affect your everyday life and relationships.

ADHD is a persistent pattern of inattention or hyperactivity/impulsivity that interferes with or reduces the quality of your everyday life.

Often people with ADHD have to work excessively hard to keep their focus and seem as if they are on the go all of the time, their mind filtering multiple thoughts at the same time.

The problems that are often closely related to ADHD in adults can be far reaching including work, social anxiety, education, self-esteem and sleep disorders.



If you have any questions about ADHD or dyslexia assessments in Cornwall and the UK, please contact me at Identify Potential.

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Why Have An Assessment?

Often as adults we suddenly find ourselves struggling with education, work or relationships. An assessment allows you to understand yourself better and access support to enable you to focus on your strengths, understand your challenges and ultimately, be successful and happy.

Please note that this assessment is not a 'medical diagnosis', it gives an indication of ADHD and is sufficient for university/workplace support and DSA applications - but you would not be able to access medication or NHS therapy of the basis of this assessment.



ADHD Assessment in Somerset


ADHD Assessments

Adult ADHD Assessments are undertaken through the process of an in-depth diagnostic interview, which can either be face to face or online. This involves yourself and ideally either your partner and/or a family member. This is so that they are able to give firstly an outside viewpoint of your traits and secondly a history to your difficulties. I also use a range of cognitive assessments to pinpoint the underlying difficulties.

If you have any questions about the ADHD or dyslexia assessment process in Cornwall and the UK, please contact me at Identify Potential.

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The Report

A report is then written which is accessible, clear and user friendly. It details the symptoms that you are experiencing and the impact of those symptoms on your education, work and day to day life. You will receive your report 2 to 3 weeks after your assessment.

Please note that this is not a 'medical' diagnosis but is sufficient evidence to use as evidence in an application for Disabled Students' Allowances or in support of a medical referral process.

ADHD Assessment Reports in Somerset



Adult ADHD Assessments – £375

For more information about ADHD and dyslexia assessments in Cornwall and the UK, please contact me at Identify Potential.

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"I am a mature student who was advised to have a full diagnostic assessment to help me complete my degree. I had one provisionally booked with another assessor, however I was advised by a reputable organisation who works with many other assessors that the reports they were receiving from those who had their assessment with Sally were outstanding. I am so pleased I choose to have my assessment with Sally. Sally was very professional whilst also having a very caring approach. She gave me the space and was very patient, never rushing me or making me feel that anything I was doing was not right. As a mature student I had learned to disguise many of my learning difficulties but having the full diagnostic assessment helped me to finally understand that with the correct help, support and understanding from those who know how to help me it is both empowering and a relief to know how and why I learn differently. Sally is highly skilled and will leave no stone unturned in understanding you, or your child. Truly a life changing moment, if you have the opportunity to work with Sally, do not hesitate to book with her. Happy learning!"